Two Networks Serving Distinct Purposes

With the launch of the Production Network in June 2019, Energy Web now supports two networks (one Test Network and one Production Network). 

The following table outlines the different roles and configurations of these networks:

Volta Test NetworkEnergy Web Production Network
Launch DateApril, 2019June, 2019

Primary Function

Pre-production environment for QA (dApps and protocol)Production environment
Token Supply90M + 10M block reward – allocation via MOUs and faucet90M + 10M block reward – allocation via MOUs and exchanges
Transaction FeesUsers pay gas, but no transaction fees since tokens are freeActual fiat value, determined by gas cost and user-set gas price
ParametersInitially 5 second block time & 8M gas limit; to be increased during audit5 second block time and up to 80M gas limit, pending audit results
Connection to ETHBridge to Kovan Test NetYes - ERC-20 Token Bridge
Validators3 at launch, growing to 10+ by June 2019; ~150 max – block reward & governance role10+ at launch; ~150 max
– block reward & governance role