Chain: Energy Web Chain (Production Network)

This section is organized as follows:

  • Hosting a Validator Node: Provides information about validator eligibility and participation, instructions for setting up, configuring, and maintaining a validator node on the EW Chain, frequently asked questions, and general operating information.
  • Energy Web Governance: Detailed information about the current governance model, the planned governance roadmap, and governance decisions (e.g. proposals, vote decisions/outcomes, etc.).
  • System Architecture: Technical documentation about the EW Chain system contracts and validator node architecture. 
  • Checking Blocks, Transactions, & Accounts: Instructions for using the Energy Web Block Explorer and Balance Checker. 
  • Using the Client: Links to additional documentation for using the EW Chain client.
  • Setting up Local Nodes & Accounts: Instructions for installing a local node, connecting to RPC nodes, configuring hardware wallets, and setting up new accounts.