Setting Up Trezor

One of the safest ways to store your funds is to use a hardware wallet. The Energy Web Chain supports the Trezor hardware wallet so please use it to store funds.

Follow these steps to set up your Trezor hardware wallet with the Energy Web Chain:

1. Order a trezor on the official website: Do not order devices from a third party

2. Open the package and take out the Trezor device. You will probably need scissors. The package should be sealed and glued shut. It should be really hard to open it. There should be holograms on the seals that match the original trezor holograms. If you have any suspicion that it was opened before, do not use the device.

3. Connect the trezor to your computer and go to Choose your trezor device (probably trezor one).

4. Download the Trezor Bridge and install firmware

5. You should now be connected to the device now on the page: If you are not connected, disconnect the trezor and reconnect it again.

6. Now backup your Trezor on Consider the security best practices listed here: Especially make sure to choose a sufficiently secure pin, to never store your backup recovery phrase electronically and keep the paper where you note your recovery phrase in a secure place.

a. Start the backup

b. Create a secure PIN

c. Write down your recovery phrase that appears word by word on the display of your Trezor

d. Store your recovery key in a secure location

The recovery phrase ---IMPORTANT---                                                                                                                          

The storage and handling of the recovery phrase is the biggest security risk. With it, the private key can be recovered. By typing in the phrase in MyEtherWallet or some similar service, someone can gain access to the account. This means that this person has access to all funds that are stored on this account and can send any kind of transaction and sign it with the private key. As a result, the recovery phrase should never be stored digitally. The phrase should be written down on a piece of paper and stored in a secure location. This location should minimize the risk of the phrase being stolen or destroyed. A safe or a bank vault are appropriate locations. The phrase should be safe from possible floods or fires. The phrase should not be lost. If the phrase is lost and the hardware wallet breaks or is lost, the account can NEVER be accessed again. This means that all funds that are stored on this account are forever lost.

e. If you only use your Trezor to keep your funds safe, also store the Trezor in a secure location. If you expect to use the Trezor regularly, keep your Trezor on you. It should be handled with special care of course. Never leave the Trezor lying around in the office and especially do not lose the Trezor. Never let anyone see you type in your pin. Even though if the Trezor is lost it is not as bad as losing the recovery phrase as no one should be able to access your account but it should still be avoided at any cost. If you lose a Trezor which account has permissions to be used in some system contract, contact the tech-team immediately.


7. To use your Trezor you have to connect it to our chain. You can either use our remote RPC or run a local node. Learn how to set up the remote RPC here: Connecting via Remote RPC and Metamask.

Learn how to connect your local node to MetaMask here: Connecting Local Node to Metamask.

8. To make a transaction or interact with DApps connect trezor to metamask

a. Click on the colored circle and choose “Connect to Hardware Wallet”

b. Choose Trezor and click on “Connect”

c. Give MetaMask the necessary permissions

d. Export the public key to MetaMask

e. Unlock one of the provided accounts, now you can make any kind of transaction