Connecting Local Node to Metamask

To connect your local node to MetaMask you first have to install the parity client. If you do not have MetaMask, go to, download MetaMask and follow the instructions.

If you already have a Mnemonic Phrase of an account, enter this phrase (DO NOT ENTER THE BACKUP PHRASE OF YOUR HARDWARE WALLET AS THIS WOULD IMPORT YOUR PRIVATE KEY INTO METAMASK), otherwise create a new account.

Make sure to store your seed phrase in a secure location. If you lose it, you can no longer access the account and the funds that you kept there are lost forever! If someone else can gain access to this seed phrase, this person has complete access to your account and can steal funds or make transactions with your account!

If you want to connect with your hardware wallet it is fine, you can do this once you are logged in with your newly created account. To find out how to connect your Trezor hardware wallet to MetaMask visit our Setting Up Trezor guide.

To connect to MetaMask run the parity client with our chain and the jsonrpc-cors flag to allow the connection to MetaMask:

parity --chain PATH/TO/EnergyWebChain.json --jsonrpc-cors URL-OF-METAMASK

To get the URL of your MetaMask chrome extension, go to MetaMask and open the expanded view by clicking on "Expand View". You can now copy the URL from your browser.

Now go to "Network" and click on "Add Network". Now you can add "EnergyWeb RPC" or something similar as the name, as the URL, enter the chainID of the Energy Web Chain: "246", as a Symbol put "EWT". Also add the URL of the Energy Web Chain blockexplorer: Now click on save to connect.

Your MetaMask should now be connected to Energy Web Chain. If you cannot connect, check if you passed the right URL to the jsonrpc-cors fl