Connecting via Remote RPC and Metamask

If you do not want to run your own local node, the EWF provides a remote RPC to connect to the Energy Web Chain.

If you do not have MetaMask installed, install the browser extension and follow the install instructions and set up a account:

Connect to EnergyWeb's remote rpc by adding a custom node to MetaMask. Go to Networks and click on "Custom RPC".

Now go to "Network" and click on "Add Network". Now you can add "EnergyWeb RPC" or something similar as the name, as the RPC URL, enter the chainID of the Energy Web Chain: "246", as a Symbol put "EWT". Also add the URL of the Energy Web Chain blockexplorer: Now click on save to connect.

Your MetaMask should be connected to the Energy Web Chain now.

On a website with Web3 you could provide:

web3.setProvider(new web3.providers.HttpProvider("[]"));

SECURITY WARNING: There are certain risks involved with exposing RPC. If your application relies on a remote node, we recommend setting up your own secure infrastructure. MetaMask is less problematic since it converts all "normal" calls (that expect the current RPC to be unlocked) and signs them before forwarding them to the RPC.