Istanbul Hardfork


The Ethereum mainnet implemented its 8th hard fork, called Istanbul, in early December 2019. Istanbul features six EIPs that modify the costs of various opcodes to further improve DDoS resistance and increase bandwidth, improve performance for zero-knowledge privacy solutions, and introduce new hash functions for broader interoperability with other PoW chains. More details about the Istanbul fork can be found here.

Energy Web Chain (EWC) validators voted to implement the Istanbul hardfork to enhance performance, scalability, and security and to ensure the Volta testnet and EWC production networks continue to align with state-of-the-art functionality of the Ethereum main net.

In preparation for the Istanbul hardfork, all Volta testnet and EWC validator nodes have updated to Parity v2.5.13-stable and updates to the respective chainspec files will commence Q1 2020.

The chainspec files for Volta and the EW Chain can be found here.

VOLTA chainspec details (current as of 23 March, 2020):

1 2 Checksum: ccfcc287b329c0660840215c8d4be7546b9ef9f4636ca32505a715d6323684a5 URL:

EnergyWebChain (EWC) chainspec details (current as of 23 March, 2020):

1 2 Checksum: 47877ba58dd6238ae114b2c740eadf968d4b593a06f30cd8f73310ead9a5810d URL:

How to Update Your Node’s Chainspec

  • SSH into server

  • Make sure you have root access:

    • sudo -s

  • cd docker-stack/config/

  • Calculate the checksum for your chainspec file:

    • openssl dgst -sha256 chainspec.json

  • Verify checksum matches what's listed on this page (above) and GitHub

  • If not, download from the link above and replace it

  • Restart docker containers:

    • docker-compose restart

  • Verify docker containers are running again:

    • docker ps -a