Direct Buy

Instead of creating a bid, buyers can also browse the exchange and directly buy the EACs offered in an ask. Users are expected to make use of this feature if they see an ask that exactly meets their requirements or after being notified about an ask by a configured notification. Direct buying simplifies the process of buying an EAC in the case that there is already a fitting ask on the market. The buyer does not have to create a bid and ensure it is matched by configuring it in so that it exactly matches the ask. Direct buy allows users to purchase EACs from an existing ask in a simple one-click solution.

Even though it represents a special case, the underlying logic of direct buys follows the bid model. A direct buy triggers the creation of a bid that exactly matches the specifications of the ask. Such a bid does not differ from regular bids in any way and is matched through the exact same matching system. Every bid that is created through a direct buy holds information about the direct buy request for clear traceability. 


  • Only registered users should be able to direct buy

  • Direct buy should create a bid with criteria taken one to one from the asks characteristics