Exchange Module

The exchange module is the part of the Origin SDK that enables efficient and transparent order book trading between sellers and buyers. It integrates with the issuer module to allow for trading of EACs (Energy Attribute Certificates) on the blockchain.

Find the source code here:

And here:

And here:


  1. Orders:

    1. Create Ask:

    2. Create Bid:

    3. Create Demand:

    4. Direct Buy:

  2. Matching Engine:

    1. Matching criteria:

    2. Create a Trade:

      1. Exchange Scenarios:

    3. Matching Flow:

  3. EAC transfers to and from Exchange:

    1. Create Exchange User Account:

    2. Deposit EACs to the Exchange:

    3. Withdraw EACs from Exchange:

  4. Bundles:

    1. Create Bundles:

    2. Purchase Bundles: