Create Bundles

Bundles are created by the EAC owner. They can be compiled from all available EACs. The user selects the EACs that should be made into a bundle. Based on the energy amount of each selected EAC, the percentages of the resulting bundles are calculated. 100 MWh from Solar Farm and 400 MWh from Hydro Plant, for example, result in a bundle that is 20% Solar Farm and 80% Hydro Plant. Buyers will only be able to buy the EACs in this ratio (so 1 to 4). Bundles can be compiled from any number of different EACs. 

The seller sets a price per MWh for the bundle. If the seller sets a price of $1 per MWh in the example above, the buyer can purchase any quantity of the 1 MWh solar + 4 MWh hydro bundle for $5. The user is asked to confirm creating a bundle from the selected EACs and can then post the bundle for sale.