Purchase Bundles

The main difference between buying regular EACs and buying EACs in bundles is that bundles define available EAC packages. The buyer can only buy EACs in the defined ratios of the bundle. If the bundle defines 20% Solar Farm, 30% Hydro Plant and 50% Wind Farm, the buyer can only buy multiples of 2 solar + 3 hydro + 5 wind. The price is defined per MWh. With an example price of $1per MWh the bundle offerings would look as follows:

  • 2 solar + 3 hydro + 5 wind: $10

  • 4 solar + 6 hydro + 10 wind: $20

  • 6 solar + 9 hydro + 15 wind: $30

  • etc. 

This way, the ratio stays intact and the EACs are sold in the bundle that was defined by the seller. 

Bundles are not included in the order book matching. They can only be bought directly. The buyer has to explicitly select and buy the bundle. The reason for this is mainly the complexity and number of possible EAC combinations. As bundle ratios are defined by the seller through selecting EACs, they can be completely arbitrary (e.g. 23% solar, 36% hydro, 41% wind). With the low number of expected offered bundles, automated matching would not provide a good user experience. A buyer would have to specify the exact ratios for the exchange matching to work. Instead, buyers can manually search through offered bundles and find the ones that fit their requirements. 

To simplify the user experience of buying bundles, the buyer can select a bundle and is then presented with all possible bundle offers based on the ratios defined by the seller. By specifying a budget, the possible offerings are filtered and the buyer can easily choose the package that fulfills the requirements and purchase it directly.