Approving issuance requests

Issuers receive the issuance request, defining the the device and time frame, together with the generation evidence. Based on this information, the issuer can define the number of certificates to be issued and initiate the issuance. Depending if the request is for a public or private certificate the appropriate issuance module is called on-chain and the certificate is minted. For the private certificate the specified volume is stored off-chain instead of being minted as tokens on-chain.

The issuer approves a specific request by calling the approve() function. The specific request can be retrieved by ID using getRequestIssue(). After the issuance request is approved, a multi-token is minted on-chain containing the data given in the request either disclosing energy volume information in case of a public certificate or hiding it in case of a private certificate.

Who: The issuer

What: Approves issuance request



  • requestIssueId: The ID of the issuance request


  • toAddress: The address to issue certificates to, specified by the request [EWC address]

  • volume: The energy volume that should be issued based on the generation evidence